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Document coverage

Document validation service coverage. The documents that can be used in Veridas' Digital Onboarding product are defined. Veridas's services cover more than 125 countries with 360 different documents. All passports regulated by ICAO are also covered. Visit Veridas website.

Supported ID Documents

In this appendix all the allowed documents are specified. The information is structured in countries.

Albania (AL)

Document Type Short Description
AL_IDCard_2009 Albania IDCard 2009

Andorra (AD)

Document Type Short Description
AD_ResidencePermit_2018 Andorran Residence Permit 2018
AD_DrivingLicense_1990 Andorra DrivingLicense 1990

Argentina (AR)

Document Type Short Description
AR_IDCard_2012 Argentina IDCard 2012
AR_IDCard_2009 Argentina IDCard 2009

Armenia (AM)

Document Type Short Description
AM_IDCard_2012 Armenian IDCard 2012

Australia (AU)

Document Type Short Description
AU-NSW_DrivingLicense_2013 Australia New South Wales DrivingLicense 2013
AU-NT_DrivingLicense_2006 Australia Northern Territory DrivingLicense 2006
AU-QLD_DrivingLicense_2016 Australia Queensland DrivingLicense 2016
AU-QLD_DrivingLicense_2011 Australia Queensland DrivingLicense 2011
AU-SA_DrivingLicense_2014 Australia South Australia DrivingLicense 2014
AU-TAS_DrivingLicense_2015 Australia Tasmania DrivingLicense 2015
AU-VIC_DrivingLicense_2009 Australia Victoria DrivingLicense 2009
AU-WA_DrivingLicense_2014 Australia Western DrivingLicense 2014
AU-WA_DrivingLicense_2011 Australia Western DrivingLicense 2011
AU-ACT_DrivingLicense_2011 Australia Australian Capital Territory DrivingLicense 2011

Austria (AT)

Document Type Short Description
AT_IDCard_2021 Austria IDCard 2021
AT_IDCard_2010 Austria IDCard 2010
AT_IDCard_2002 Austria IDCard 2002
AT_ResidencePermit_2020 Austria ResidencePermit 2020
AT_ResidencePermit_2011 Austria ResidencePermit 2011
AT_ResidencePermit_2005 Austria ResidencePermit 2005
AT_DrivingLicense_2014 Austria DrivingLicense 2014
AT_DrivingLicense_2006 Austria DrivingLicense 2006
AT_DrivingLicense_2004 Austria DrivingLicense 2004

Belarus (BY)

Document Type Short Description
BY_DrivingLicense_2010 Belarus DrivingLicense 2010

Belgium (BE)

Document Type Short Description
BE_IDCard_2021 Belgium IDCard 2021
BE_IDCard_2010 Belgium IDCard 2010
BE_IDCard_2008 Belgium IDCard 2008
BE_DrivingLicense_2013 Belgium DrivingLicense 2013
BE_DrivingLicense_2010 Belgium DrivingLicense 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)

Document Type Short Description
BA_IDCard_2013 Bosnia and Herzegovina IDCard 2013
BA_IDCard_2003 Bosnia and Herzegovina IDCard 2003

Brazil (BR)

Document Type Short Description
BR_IDCard_2014 Brasil IDCard 2014
BR_DrivingLicense_2019 Brasil DrivingLicense 2019
BR_DrivingLicense_2017 Brasil DrivingLicense 2017

Bulgaria (BG)

Document Type Short Description
BG_IDCard_2010 Bulgaria IDCard 2010
BG_IDCard_2006 Bulgaria IDCard 2000 and 2006
BG_DrivingLicense_2013 Bulgaria DrivingLicense 2013
BG_DrivingLicense_2002 Bulgaria DrivingLicense 2002

Canada (CA)

Document Type Short Description
CA-AB_DrivingLicense_2009 Canada Alberta State DrivingLicense 2009
CA-AB_IDCard_2018 Canada Alberta State ID Card 2018
CA-BC_IDCard_2013 Canada British Columbia IDCard 2013
CA-BC_IDCard_2009 Canada British Columbia IDCard 2009
CA-BC_DrivingLicense_2013 Canada British Columbia DrivingLicense 2013
CA-MB_IDCard_2009 Canada Manitoba IDCard 2009
CA-MB_DrivingLicense_2014 Canada Manitoba DrivingLicense 2014
CA-NB_IDCard_2020 Canada New Brunswick IDCard 2020
CA-NB_DrivingLicense_2017 Canada New Brunswick DrivingLicense 2017
CA-NL_DrivingLicense_2017 Canada Newfoundland and Labrador DrivingLicense 2017
CA-NT_DrivingLicense_2005 Canada Northwest Territories DrivingLicense 2005
CA-NS_DrivingLicense_2017 Canada Nova Scotia DrivingLicense 2017
CA-NU_DrivingLicense_2009 Canada Nunavut DrivingLicense 2009
CA-ON_IDCard_2011 Canada Ontario IDCard 201
CA-ON_DrivingLicense_2007 Canada Ontario DrivingLicense 2007
CA-PE_DrivingLicense_2017 Canada Prince Edward Island DrivingLicense 2017
CA-QC_DrivingLicense_2015 Canada Quebec State DrivingLicense 2015
CA-SK_IDCard_2014 Canada Saskatchewan State IDCard 2014
CA-SK_DrivingLicense_2016 Canada Saskatchewan State DrivingLicense 2016
CA-YT_DrivingLicense_2010 Canada Yukon DrivingLicense 2010

Chile (CL)

Document Type Short Description
CL_IDCard_2013 Chile IDCard 2013
CL_IDCard_2002 Chile IDCard 2002

China (CN)

Document Type Short Description
CN_IDCard_2004 China IDCard 2004

Colombia (CO)

Document Type Short Description
CO_IDCard_2020 Cedula de Ciudadania 2020
CO_IDCard_2000 Cedula de Ciudadania 2000
CO_ResidencePermit_2016 Cedula de extranjeria

Croatia (HR)

Document Type Short Description
HR_IDCard_2015 Croatia IDCard 2015
HR_IDCard_2003 Croatia IDCard 2003
HR_DrivingLicense_2013 Croatia DrivingLicense 2013

Cyprus (CY)

Document Type Short Description
CY_IDCard_2021 Cyprus IDCard 2021
CY_IDCard_2015 Cyprus IDCard 2015
CY_IDCard_2008 Cyprus IDCard 2000 and 2008
CY_DrivingLicense_2015 Cyprus DrivingLicense 2015

Czechia (CZ)

Document Type Short Description
CZ_IDCard_2014 Czechia IDCard 2012 and 2014
CZ_IDCard_2003 Czechia IDCard 2003
CZ_DrivingLicense_2013 Czechia DrivingLicense 2013

Denmark (DK)

Document Type Short Description
DK_DrivingLicense_2013 Denmark DrivingLicense 2013
DK_DrivingLicense_1997 Denmark DrivingLicense 1997

Dominican Republic (DO)

Document Type Short Description
DO_IDCard_2014 Dominican Republic ID Card 2014
DO_IDCard_1998 Dominican Republic ID Card 1998

Ecuador (EC)

Document Type Short Description
EC_IDCard_2009 Ecuadorian ID Card 2009

Estonia (EE)

Document Type Short Description
EE_IDCard_2011 Estonia IDCard 2011
EE_DrivingLicense_2013 Estonia DrivingLicense 2013
EE_DrivingLicense_2004 Estonia DrivingLicense 2004

Finland (FI)

Document Type Short Description
FI_IDCard_2021 Finland IDCard 2021
FI_IDCard_2017 Finland IDCard 2017
FI_IDCard_2011 Finland IDCard 2011
FI_DrivingLicense_2013 Finland DrivingLicense 2013
FI_DrivingLicense_2010 Finland DrivingLicense 2010
FI_DrivingLicense_1992 Finland DrivingLicense 1992

France (FR)

Document Type Short Description
FR_IDCard_2021 France IDCard 2021
FR_IDCard_1994 France IDCard
FR_DrivingLicense_2013 France DrivingLicense 2013
FR_DrivingLicense_2006 France Driving License

Germany (DE)

Document Type Short Description
DE_IDCard_2021 Germany IDCard 2021
DE_IDCard_2010 Germany IDCard 2010
DE_IDCard_2007 Germany IDCard 2007
DE_DrivingLicense_2013 Germany DrivingLicense 2013
DE_DrivingLicense_2004 Germany DrivingLicense 2004

Greece (GR)

Document Type Short Description
GR_DrivingLicense_2013 Greece DrivingLicense 2013

Guatemala (GT)

Document Type Short Description
GT_IDCard_2009 Guatemala ID Card 2009

Hungary (HU)

Document Type Short Description
HU_IDCard_2015 Hungary IDCard 2015
HU_IDCard_2000 Hungary IDCard 2000
HU_DrivingLicense_2013 Hungary DrivingLicense 2013

Iceland (IS)

Document Type Short Description
IS_DrivingLicense_2013 Iceland DrivingLicense 2013
IS_DrivingLicense_2001 Iceland DrivingLicense 2001

Ireland (IE)

Document Type Short Description
IE_DrivingLicense_2013 Ireland DrivingLicense 2013
IE_Passport_2015 Ireland Passport 2015

Italy (IT)

Document Type Short Description
IT_IDCard_2017 Paper Italy IDCard "Cartacea"
IT_IDCard_2016 Italy IDCard 2016 and 2022
IT_IDCard_2004 Italy IDCard 2004
IT_DrivingLicense_2013 Italy DrivingLicense 2013
IT_DrivingLicense_2000 Italy DrivingLicense 2000
IT_HealthCard_2004 Italia Health Card 2004

Latvia (LV)

Document Type Short Description
LV_IDCard_2012 Latvia IDCard 2012
LV_DrivingLicense_2013 Latvia DrivingLicense 2013
LV_DrivingLicense_2004 Latvia DrivingLicense 2004

Liechtenstein (LI)

Document Type Short Description
LI_IDCard_2009 Liechtenstein IDCard 2009
LI_IDCard_1995 Liechtenstein IDCard 1995
LI_DrivingLicense_2003 Liechtenstein DrivingLicense 2003

Lithuania (LT)

Document Type Short Description
LT_IDCard_2009 Lithuania IDCard 2009 and 2012
LT_IDCard_2002 Lithuania IDCard 2002
LT_DrivingLicense_2016 Lithuania DrivingLicense 2016
LT_DrivingLicense_2007 Lithuania DrivingLicense 2007

Luxembourg (LU)

Document Type Short Description
LU_IDCard_2014 Luxembourg IDCard 2014
LU_DrivingLicense_2013 Luxembourg DrivingLicense 2013

Malaysia (MY)

Document Type Short Description
MY_IDCard_2012 Malaysia IDCard

Malta (MT)

Document Type Short Description
MT_IDCard_2014 Malta IDCard 2014
MT_IDCard_2002 Malta IDCard 2002
MT_DrivingLicense_2013 Malta DrivingLicense 2013
MT_DrivingLicense_2003 Malta DrivingLicense 2003

Mexico (MX)

Document Type Short Description
MX_IDCard_2019 Credencial G
MX_IDCard_2014 Credencial D/E/F
MX_IDCard_2008 Credencial C
MX_ResidencePermit_2010 Mexican Residence Permit 2010
MX_ProfessionalCard_2008 Mexican Professional Card 2008

Moldova, Republic of (MD)

Document Type Short Description
MD_IDCard_2015 Moldava IDCard 2015

Monaco (MC)

Document Type Short Description
MC_IDCard_2009 Monaco IDCard 2009

Montenegro (ME)

Document Type Short Description
ME_IDCard_2008 Montenegro IDCard 2008

Netherlands (NL)

Document Type Short Description
NL_IDCard_2014 Netherlands IDCard 2014 and 2017
NL_IDCard_2011 Netherlands IDCard
NL_DrivingLicense_2014 Netherlands DrivingLicense 2014
NL_DrivingLicense_2013 Netherlands DrivingLicense 2013
NL_DrivingLicense_2006 Netherlands DrivingLicense 2006

New Zealand (NZ)

Document Type Short Description
NZ_DrivingLicense_2007 New Zealand DrivingLicense 2007

North Macedonia (MK)

Document Type Short Description
MK_IDCard_2007 Macedonia IDCard 2007

Norway (NO)

Document Type Short Description
NO_IDCard_2020 Norwegian IDCard 2020
NO_DrivingLicense_2013 Norway DrivingLicense 2013
NO_DrivingLicense_2007 Norway DrivingLicense 2004 and 2007
NO_DrivingLicense_1998 Norway DrivingLicense 1998

Panama (PA)

Document Type Short Description
PA_IDCard_2010 Panama ID Card 2010

Paraguay (PY)

Document Type Short Description
PY_IDCard_2009 Paraguay IDCard 2009
PY_IDCard_2007 Paraguay IDCard 2007

Peru (PE)

Document Type Short Description
PE_IDCard_2020 Peru IDCard 2020
PE_IDCard_2013 Peru IDCard 2013
PE_IDCard_2007 Peru IDCard 2007
PE_ResidencePermit_2017 Peru ResidencePermit 2017

Philippines (PH)

Document Type Short Description
PH_IDCard-PO_2016 Philippines Postal IDCard 2016
PH_IDCard_2016 Philippines IDCard 2016
PH_IDCard_2015 Philippines IDCard 2015
PH_IDCard_2011 Philippines IDCard 2011
PH_DrivingLicense_2017 Philippines Driving License 2017

Poland (PL)

Document Type Short Description
PL_IDCard_2019 Poland IDCard 2019
PL_IDCard_2015 Poland IDCard 2015
PL_IDCard_2001 Poland IDCard 2001 and 2013
PL_DrivingLicense_2013 Poland DrivingLicense 2013
PL_DrivingLicense_2004 Poland DrivingLicense 2004
PL_DrivingLicense_1999 Poland DrivingLicense 1999

Portugal (PT)

Document Type Short Description
PT_IDCard_2015 Portugal IDCard
PT_ResidencePermit_2020 Portugal ResidencePermit 2020
PT_ResidencePermit_2019 Portugal ResidencePermit 2019
PT_ResidencePermit_2017 Portugal ResidencePermit 2017
PT_DrivingLicense_2013 Portugal DrivingLicense 2013
PT_DrivingLicense_1999 Portugal DrivingLicense 1999

Romania (RO)

Document Type Short Description
RO_IDCard_2021 Romania IDCard 2021
RO_IDCard_2009 Romania IDCard 2009 and 2017
RO_DrivingLicense_2013 Romania DrivingLicense 2013

Russian Federation (RU)

Document Type Short Description
RU_IDCard_2007 Russia Internal Passport 2007
RU_DrivingLicense_2011 Russia Driving License 2011

Serbia (RS)

Document Type Short Description
RS_IDCard_2008 Serbia IDCard 2008

Singapore (SG)

Document Type Short Description
SG_IDCard_2011 Singapour IDCard 2011

Slovakia (SK)

Document Type Short Description
SK_IDCard_2015 Slovakia IDCard 2008,2013 and 2015
SK_DrivingLicense_2013 Slovakia DrivingLicense 2013
SK_DrivingLicense_2008 Slovakia DrivingLicense 2008

Slovenia (SI)

Document Type Short Description
SI_IDCard_1998 Slovenia IDCard 1998
SI_DrivingLicense_2013 Slovenia DrivingLicense 2013
SI_DrivingLicense_2009 Slovenia DrivingLicense 2009

South Africa (ZA)

Document Type Short Description
ZA_IDCard_2013 South Africa IDCard 2013
ZA_DrivingLicense_2004 South Africa DrivingLicense 2004

Spain (ES)

Document Type Short Description
ES_IDCard_2021 Spain IDCard 2021 (DNI 4.0)
ES_IDCard_2015 DNI 3.0
ES_IDCard_2006 DNI 2.0
ES_ResidencePermit_2020 NIE 2020
ES_ResidencePermit_2011 NIE 2011
ES_ResidencePermit_2010 NIE 2010
ES_ResidencePermit_2007 Spain ResidencePermit 2007 (CERCU)
ES_DrivingLicense_2013 Spain DrivingLicense 2013
ES_DrivingLicense_2004 Spain DrivingLicense 2004

Sweden (SE)

Document Type Short Description
SE_IDCard_2012 Sweden IDCard 2012
SE_DrivingLicense_2016 Sweden DrivingLicense 2016
SE_DrivingLicense_2013 Sweden DrivingLicense 2013

Switzerland (CH)

Document Type Short Description
CH_IDCard_2003 Switzerland IDCard 2003 and 2005
CH_DrivingLicense_2003 Switzerland DrivingLicense 2003

Turkey (TR)

Document Type Short Description
TR_IDCard_2016 Turkey Identity Card 2016

Ukraine (UA)

Document Type Short Description
UA_IDCard_2016 Ukraine IDCard 2016

United Kingdom (GB)

Document Type Short Description
GB_DrivingLicense_2022 United Kingdom DrivingLicense 2022
GB_DrivingLicense_2021 United Kingdom DrivingLicense 2021
GB_DrivingLicense_2015 United Kingdom DrivingLicense 2015
GB_DrivingLicense-PL_2015 United Kingdom Provisional DrivingLicense 2015
GB_DrivingLicense_2014 United Kingdom DrivingLicense 2014
GB_DrivingLicense-PL_2014 United Kingdom Provisional DrivingLicense 2014
GB_DrivingLicense_2012 United Kingdom DrivingLicense 2012
GB_DrivingLicense_2007 United Kingdom DrivingLicense 2007
GB_DrivingLicense-PL_2007 United Kingdom Provisional DrivingLicense 2007
GB_DrivingLicense_1998 United Kingdom DrivingLicense 1998
GB_DrivingLicense-PL_1998 United Kingdom Provisional DrivingLicense 1998

United States (US)

Document Type Short Description
US_IDCard-MilitaryRR_1993 United States Military IDCard Reserve Retired 1993
US_IDCard-MilitaryRS_1993 United States Military IDCard Reserve 1993
US_IDCard-MilitaryRT_1993 United States Military IDCard Retired 1993
US_ResidencePermit_2017 United States ResidencePermit 2017
US-AL_DrivingLicense_2013 United States Alabama DrivingLicense 2013
US-AL_IDCard_2013 United States Alabama ID Card 2013
US-AK_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Alaska DrivingLicense 2018
US-AK_DrivingLicense_2014 United States Alaska DrivingLicense 2014
US-AK_DrivingLicense_2005 United States Alaska DrivingLicense 2005
US-AZ_DrivingLicense_2016 United States Arizona DrivingLicense 2016
US-AZ_DrivingLicense_2004 United States Arizona DrivingLicense 2004
US-AZ_DrivingLicense_1996 United States Arizona DrivingLicense 1996
US-AZ_DrivingLicense_1990 United States Arizona DrivingLicense 1990
US-AR_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Arkansas DrivingLicense 2018
US-AR_DrivingLicense_2016 United States Arkansas DrivingLicense 2016
US-CA_DrivingLicense_2018 United States California DrivingLicense 2018
US-CA_DrivingLicense_2008 United States California DrivingLicense 2008
US-CO_DrivingLicense_2016 United States Colorado DrivingLicense 2016
US-CO_DrivingLicense_2011 United States Colorado DrivingLicense 2011
US-CT_DrivingLicense_2017 United States Connecticut DrivingLicense 2017
US-CT_DrivingLicense_2009 United States Connecticut DrivingLicense 2009
US-DE_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Delaware DrivingLicense 2018
US-DE_DrivingLicense_2010 United States Delaware DrivingLicense 2010
US-DC_DrivingLicense_2017 United States District of Columbia DrivingLicense 2017
US-FL_DrivingLicense_2017 United States Florida DrivingLicense 2017
US-FL_DrivingLicense_2010 United States Florida DrivingLicense 2010
US-GA_DrivingLicense_2012 United States Georgia DrivingLicense 2012
US-GA_DrivingLicense_2007 United States Georgia DrivingLicense 2007
US-HI_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Hawaii DrivingLicense 2018
US-HI_DrivingLicense_2012 United States Hawaii DrivingLicense 2012
US-ID_DrivingLicense_2017 United States Idaho DrivingLicense 2017
US-ID_DrivingLicense_2010 United States Idaho DrivingLicense 2010
US-ID_DrivingLicense_2004 United States Idaho DrivingLicense 2004
US-IL_DrivingLicense_2016 United States Illinois DrivingLicense 2016
US-IL_DrivingLicense_2007 United States Illinois DrivingLicense 2007
US-IN_DrivingLicense_2017 United States Indiana DrivingLicense 2017
US-IN_DrivingLicense_2010 United States Indiana DrivingLicense 2010
US-IA_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Iowa DrivingLicense 2018
US-IA_DrivingLicense_2013 United States Iowa DrivingLicense 2013
US-KS_DrivingLicense_2017 United States Kansas DrivingLicense 2017
US-KS_DrivingLicense_2012 United States Kansas DrivingLicense 2012
US-KS_DrivingLicense_2004 United States Kansas DrivingLicense 2004
US-KY_DrivingLicense_2019 United States Kentuky DrivingLicense 2019
US-KY_DrivingLicense_2012 United States Kentuky DrivingLicense 2012
US-LA_DrivingLicense_2016 United States Louisiana DrivingLicense 2016
US-LA_DrivingLicense_2014 United States Louisiana DrivingLicense 2014
US-LA_DrivingLicense_2011 United States Louisiana DrivingLicense 2011
US-ME_DrivingLicense_2011 United States Maine DrivingLicense 2011
US-MD_DrivingLicense_2016 United States Maryland DrivingLicense 2016
US-MD_DrivingLicense_2013 United States Maryland DrivingLicense 2013
US-MA_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Massachusetts DrivingLicense 2018
US-MA_DrivingLicense_2010 United States Massachusetts DrivingLicense 2010
US-MI_DrivingLicense_2017 United States Michigan DrivingLicense 2017
US-MN_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Minnesota DrivingLicense 2018
US-MN_DrivingLicense_2004 United States Minnesota DrivingLicense 2004
US-MS_DrivingLicense_2017 United States Mississippi DrivingLicense 2017
US-MS_DrivingLicense_2001 United States Mississippi DrivingLicense 2001
US-MO_DrivingLicense_2012 United States Missouri DrivingLicense 2012
US-MO_DrivingLicense_2004 United States Missouri DrivingLicense 2004
US-MT_DrivingLicense_2008 United States Montana DrivingLicense 2008
US-MT_DrivingLicense_2000 United States Montana DrivingLicense 2000
US-NE_DrivingLicense_2013 United States Nebraska DrivingLicense 2013
US-NV_DrivingLicense_2014 United States Nevada DrivingLicense 2014
US-NH_DrivingLicense_2017 United States New Hampshire DrivingLicense 2017
US-NH_DrivingLicense_2006 United States New Hampshire DrivingLicense 2006
US-NJ_DrivingLicense_2011 United States New Jersey DrivingLicense 2011
US-NM_DrivingLicense_2016 United States New Mexico DrivingLicense 2016
US-NM_DrivingLicense_2014 United States New Mexico DrivingLicense 2014
US-NY_DrivingLicense_2017 United States New York DrivingLicense 2017
US-NY_DrivingLicense_2008 United States New York DrivingLicense 2008
US-NC_DrivingLicense_2017 United States North Carolina DrivingLicense 2017
US-NC_DrivingLicense_2007 United States North Carolina DrivingLicense 2007
US-ND_DrivingLicense_2018 United States North Dakota DrivingLicense 2018
US-ND_DrivingLicense_2006 United States North Dakota DrivingLicense 2006
US-OH_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Ohio DrivingLicense 2018
US-OH_DrivingLicense_2014 United States Ohio DrivingLicense 2014
US-OH_DrivingLicense_2013 United States Ohio DrivingLicense 2013
US-OK_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Oklahoma DrivingLicense 2018
US-OR_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Oregon DrivingLicense 2018
US-OR_DrivingLicense_2007 United States Oregon DrivingLicense 2007
US-PA_DrivingLicense_2017 United States Pennsylvania DrivingLicense 2017
US-PA_DrivingLicense_2011 United States Pennsylvania DrivingLicense 2011
US-RI_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Rhode Island DrivingLicense 2018
US-RI_DrivingLicense_2008 United States Rhode Island DrivingLicense 2008
US-SC_DrivingLicense_2018 United States South Carolina DrivingLicense 2018
US-SC_DrivingLicense_2011 United States South Carolina DrivingLicense 2011
US-SD_DrivingLicense_2010 United States South Dakota DrivingLicense 2010
US-TN_DrivingLicense_2012 United States Tennessee DrivingLicense 2012
US-TN_DrivingLicense_2003 United States Tennessee DrivingLicense 2003
US-TX_DrivingLicense_2016 United States Texas DrivingLicense 2016
US-TX_IDCard_2016 United States Texas ID Card 2016
US-UT_DrivingLicense_2016 United States Utah DrivingLicense 2016
US-UT_DrivingLicense_2006 United States Utah DrivingLicense 2006
US-VT_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Vermont DrivingLicense 2018
US-VT_DrivingLicense_2014 United States Vermont DrivingLicense 2014
US-VA_DrivingLicense_2018 United States Virginia DrivingLicense 2018
US-VA_IDCard_2018 United States Virginia ID Card 2018
US-WA_DrivingLicense_2019 United States Washington DrivingLicense 2019
US-WA_DrivingLicense_2017 United States Washington DrivingLicense 2017
US-WA_DrivingLicense_2010 United States Washington DrivingLicense 2019
US-WV_DrivingLicense_2013 United States West Virginia DrivingLicense 2013
US-WV_DrivingLicense_2005 United States West Virginia DrivingLicense 2005
US-WI_DrivingLicense_2015 United States Wisconsin DrivingLicense 2015
US-WI_DrivingLicense_2012 United States Wisconsin DrivingLicense 2008
US-WI_DrivingLicense_2005 United States Wisconsin DrivingLicense 2005
US-WY_DrivingLicense_2014 United States Wyoming DrivingLicense 2014

Unknown code

Document Type Short Description
XX_XX_XXXX Undefined documents
XX_Passport_YYYY Generic Passport

Uruguay (UY)

Document Type Short Description
UY_IDCard_2015 Uruguay Identity Card 2015
UY_IDCard_1999 Uruguay Identity Card 1999

Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of (VE)

Document Type Short Description
VE_IDCard_2011 Venezuela IDCard 2011